A system to promote and book your djs faster than ever before


The new short link solution for electronic music businesses

Inspire people to listen to and love your djs /artists and connect easily to work with you and them using a simple agency menu system with multi format./ booking integrations inbuilt.

Use your links to turbo charge an artist's and agencies Instagram, Tik-Tok, Facebook and Mobile Communication for Promo and directly inspire revenue creation from clients, fans and the music industry

Create your own booking network

Use both or either in your promotion.

Both URLS come attached to a menu-based promo page that agencies can use to promote and book work easily.

All agency urls are interrelated to drive work back to the agents inbox and roster every time an artist or agency shares their own url.

A simple promo and menu system for agency and Artists.

Our DJ pages have two menus you use to show the world -in the top menu you promote your artists best work, and in the bottom menu you show artists can get booked easily for pretty much any service you can think of, not just live shows.

Our agency and management pages help you to group up to 20 artists as a roster in a easy to manage single page.

Just set up your pages share them and you can be confident you”ll get artists offers in the right format and it will be easy and friendly to your potential clients to work, connect or collaborate with you, and you'll also always showcase your artists best work too....

Offer more services from artists more easily than ever before

Its easily to offer artist services from socials and your agency page.

Within 5 mins of agency profile creation-

You can promote your whole roster and accept work requests for a bigger range of things-than ever before- bookings, live shows, remix requests, mastering, studio collaborations, private parties, streams, teaching, as well as streamline requests for interviews, press requests, social ecollaboration….later down the booking pipeline

Make your agency stand out with great themes

We have great themes to personalise your experience and make it unique to your agency and that are right for techno, house, or any genre agency.

They are all great for promoting any up to 20 artists from a single page and super easy to share in all social media, with integrated link and share buttons on the page so anyone who likes your stuff can easily share it too.

BKDJ.me/Agency is built on wheredjsplay.com; a software platform for Djs and Music lovers-

There you can manage your artists bookings and promo from an easy to manage page, that allows you to track, save and monitor every offer recieved and save your work forever, as well as provide you a hub for your artists promo, performance and travel information

Its built by a team of music professionals for the industry.


Immediately offer 25 types of work booking for your artists

Integrate multi-format booking for your agency into any existing website structure in minutes

Better integrate your agency into artist social promo

Save and geolocate every booking offer at source, not contract stage

Highly mobile optimised- Agents can work from whats app and mobile only and generate professional offers and work for artists.

Low Cost- Reduce Web and Other development Costs-

See live examples -

Mantra Talent Agency *AfroHouse

Mainline Music Techno and House

CEP Amsterdam *Dutch Dj Agency

The Future of Artist Booking is here

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